Tuesday, January 20, 2015

A Change is as Good as a Rest

Dear friends,

I may be committing blogger suicide.  I don't know.  I'm going to take a blogging break.  Don't know if any of you blogger/readers have tried that...it seems imprudent when things are going along swimmingly, blog-wise.
But I'm looking at my year and it looks full.
Over-full?  I don't think so, if I tread carefully and keep a smile on my face.  The base line for over-full is when I can't be charitable with my family.

We have two daughters getting married.
Children to educate.
We're attending a wedding in Ontario in April.  *I'm emceeing that one!  Thanks guys, wow!
Several talks and workshops are coming down.
Family Camp to organize.
Working on a new book that I'm completely pumped about.  Perhaps that's the reason that blogging isn't working right now.  I stare at the keyboard and what comes into my brain are things for that book.  It all looks a bit lame (that I need a break) when I put it down in typing.

So I won't be posting for a month or maybe two.  Unless I feel like or something earth shattering occurs to me.  Or if I want to update you on my life or project. Or if I miss you all.

Keep me in your prayers.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Conversations in the Car

On the way home from Mass:

Sparky:  a blanket statement

Mammal:  Why does everything have to be a blanket statement?

Sparky:  Well, at least it wasn't a wet blanket statement.

Mammal:  It usually is.

Rosebud:  What is a blanket statement?

Huckleberry:  It's a combination of objectivity and stereotyping.


Mammal:  That's very good.  Can I quote you?

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Realities I'm Dealing With


Sometimes you just have to remember about God being God and all.  You worry about your kids and worry about whether or not you've done enough, worry about what they will grow up like.

You following me, here?  Having children is mostly being stressed about their flaws and problems and wondering if it was all your fault.  In my case, well.  It probably was.

They get to be amazing grown ups and you think to yourself, all in one breath:


THAT'S AMAZING.  How did that happen, exactly?

Then it's all like, woah, God's grace really did fill in all the the cracks and shortcomings of my mothering skills, thanks God, You did it again!

Of course, frequently there isn't "a moment" where you think these things, but it is a gradual realization that everything turned out okay.  But there has been a moment for us, two, in fact, that have played out for recently.  Two of our daughters got engaged this past year, and are getting married in 2015.  Two.  Just to clarify, that means two weddings.

But all that aside.  Here's the ah ha moment.
They chose good men.
They chose men who love God and love the woman beside them.  They chose WELL.

They chose men that we will be delighted to call our son-in-laws.

Oh sure it means two weddings in six months.  But who gives a flying rip about that?

Not me.  I'm a happy mama.  All that begging God for the graces of my own matrimony are payin' up now, folks.  My reality.

My awesome, awesome reality.

Thank you daughters, for choosing well.  Thanks, guys.  Just...thanks.