Friday, September 23, 2016

Reasons to not Homeschool, amended

Fall has descended on my household.  And on my lawn.  Life has picked up it's predictable rhythm and flow and it's comforting.  It's been eighteen months of little routine.

I'm grateful.

Over the summer I've been pondering the concerns about homeschooling.   Many times over the years, I've heard people say things like, "I would love to homeschool but I just can't."

If I have the opportunity to pursue that conversation, what comes up most often is "I don't have enough patience."  The good news is, neither do I.  

Ask my kids.  But it has all worked out okay, and none of us has died trying.  

But there are other reasons, too.
So I'm wondering about the can'ts.  Most of the time when we don't try something we'd like to do, it's because we are afraid of something.  In the decision to homeschool, I would guess the primary fears would be (not necessarily in order of importance...):

Having enough time for all the children
Keeping on top of housework
Having enough patience
Not knowing what to do at each grade level
Maintaining authority
Butting heads with the kids
Getting it all done
Self motivation
Having enough time for oneself
Passing on our own fears and inadequacies
Giving up a second income to make ends meet
Children will be inadequately socialized
The last one, I think, not a fear but a consideration - and a valid one.  "Children should be in school so that we can evangelize more effectively."  To be the leaven in the world.

Alright.  Let's get going on these.  My goal is not to prove that these reasons aren't valid, but to perhaps offer some perspective.  If we actually want to homeschool, there may be ways we can address these stumbling blocks.  

These are reasonable concerns.  But should they prevent us from doing something we'd like to do?   Probably not.

Am I missing anything obvious or subtle?  Let me know.  I'd like to chew on these topics a bit.

Sunday, September 18, 2016

Some events coming up...

I'm not dead.

It's been more like hibernation.  Except summer.

But it's okay, I'm back now, all rested up and ready to live life with fervour.

A couple of things coming up, I'll be in Everett, WA on Friday, September 30th giving a talk in the evening from 6-9 p.m.


HERE'S THE LINK to the Facebook events page.

I'm also going to Saskatoon for October 21st and 22nd, details forthcoming!  If you are an Everett or Saskatoon person, please email me HERE for information.  

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Adorable, Fun and Restful

Dear People,

This year is my summer of rest.  That means I do a lot, but I do it more slowly and only when I want to.  And it's been good.

Just a couple of glimpses of some of the nice things I have done so far this summer:

Get to know my two grandsons, Edwin, above, Ronan, below:

Go out for breakfast with my own baby girl:

Go for coffee with my bookend daughters, Alice, 29, Rosebud, 10:

Go out for ice cream with these three, and pose with the poster of the play they are in, 
A Midsummer Night's Dream, Shakespeare at the Farm:

Woah, no I did not hike and canoe to Della Falls, but Sparky and the boys did, and I both missed them AND had the house to just Rosebud and Myself:

Bonus photo, Sparky and Edwin:

And  all of that, my friends,  is time well spent.