Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Dear Man Who Raised Your Eyebrows At Me,

I was walking through the mall yesterday; you were sitting on a bench watching people go by.  You watched me, at the end of my shopping and heading to my car.

You looked at my two large bags, loaded to the brim.
            Truly, they were heavy.  
You raised your eyebrows at me as much to say, "you gotta lotta stuff, Lady.  Really?"

I DID have a lotta stuff.  I got a lotta PEOPLE.  If you take all the stuff and divide it by the people, it's peanuts, really.  

I don't have to buy my people things.  Or give them things.  I do it because I want to.  I love them.  I love to see a delighted smile when they receive something they didn't expect, they really needed, or something frivolous that they would never buy for themselves.  

But really, sir.  It's not even that.  I was given a gift, you see.  A gift that fills my heart to the absolute brim.  I was given the Baby.  He is, really and truly, more than my poor heart can hold.  

And what I can't hold in my heart, I must give to others.
 My time, my talent, my treasure.  

And, imperfect as any gift I give is compared to Him, it is my little sign of all that I have, running over.
My tank is full, sir.  

My bags are full because my home is full,
my tank is full, my heart is full.  

Thought you might like to know, 
Love, Bonnie

Overextend Yourself This Christmas

The house needs to be cleaned and decorated.  The bedrooms need to be ready for company.  The baking needs to be done, the pantry and freezer stocked.  Gifts need to be made or purchased, wrapped and mailed. I need to write the Christmas Letter.  Plan a dance.  Do some schoolwork.  Bake some ginger shortbread.  Tree.  Eggnog.  Costco.  Post Office.  Groceries.  Clean oven.

That's a lot of stuff.  Wait.  Forgot something.  What am I doing all this for?  The BABY!  Oh, yes,  THE baby.  How clever God was to adorn Earth with a baby.  Nothing transcends hype like an infant.  Oh, yeah.  I remember now. Pray.  Breath.  Smile.  Be nice to my kids.  Yes.  I do put it on the list.  But I didn't remember until yesterday.  

Make "busy" happy.  Open doors for people.  Help them with their packages.

 Practice being a Christian, it's a great time of year for it.

When you catch yourself thinking ill of someone, say a quick prayer for them instead.  If you feel like complaining, scolding, criticizing or ranting...say "you rock," instead.  Be busy, in fact, man up in the busy department.  Make yourself extra busy by adding Advent prayers to your nighttime routine.  Go wildly take care of yourself.  Indulge yourself by eating well and getting lots of rest so you can enjoy the busy more.  Overextend your thoughtfulness.
Go over budget - way, way over budget on the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.
Be recklessly Catholic this Advent and Christmas

Throw yourself into this season of preparation.  Yes, prepare the house, the baking, the meals.
Prepare your heart for the coming of the Lord.  But in that preparation, remember why.
Experience the peace that all humankind was waiting for, and pray that I can too.
Don't forget to breath.  
Don't forget to hold each other up in prayer.
Don't forget WHY.
Don't forget the baby.
"Glory to God in the highest and peace to men of good will."

Be busy, and with peace in your heart.  Have good will.  Get peace.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Fund Raising and Beautiful Handmade Ornaments

My son, Noah is fundraising for a pair of processional torches for serving at Mass.  The torches are excellent because the candles won't blow out, and they look elegant at Mass.  Noah is an alter server at our local parish, he takes his role seriously and has chosen a fund raising activity suitable for Christmas.  He has kindly had donated some beautiful laser cut wooden Christmas tree ornaments to sell.  Here are the ornaments, there are two options:

The ornaments are three dollars each, or four for ten dollars.  All funds will go towards the processional torches.  If you are interested in these ornaments, please email me at
We will ship them to you for free.  Thanks so much for supporting this thoughtful endeavour that Noah is working toward!

Here is an example of processional torches: