Wednesday, May 18, 2016

About Time

Yesterday we were all sitting around the living room watching me drink coffee because they are too young and impressionable.  We were discussing Important Things like how long the radishes will take to be able to eat and what labour is really like and how to brew the perfect cup of coffee for your mom and the marvel of a new human being in the world.

Typical stuff.

Then Huck says, "Mama, what is time used for?"

Ah. I love these philosophical questions.

"That's a great question.  Time, of course was God's idea.  But the measurement of time, what we usually think of as "time" is a human construct.  It's helpful to us because we can mark accomplishments, growth, productivity, the value of things all based on time.  We can use it for our benefit, or it can rule us in a way.  It's easy to become obsessed with time, too. And we live in a culture - blahblahblah (I'm monologueing)..."

He watches me monologue, a little grin on his face, for a couple of minutes.  The grin gets bigger.


"I meant the herb.  

But the way your face lit up...

I didn't want to stop you."

Uncle Huckleberry.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Becoming a Grandmother

Sunday afternoon, May 15th, 2016 I became a grandmother.  My baby had a baby.  If I'm thinking rationally, I know that it is possible, and, not only possible - but the only way the human race will continue.

But it's not really possible, is it?

Our beautiful new grandson, Edwin Joseph.

We have a descendant.   

Edwin was the name of my paternal grandfather who was kind and good and funny.  My great grandfather, my father, my brother and my nephew all carry the name Edwin as their second name.  It is a very, very good name.

He is perfect in every way, but most particularly his ears.  His parents both have remarkably adorable ears, and really his life was aligned all along to have lovely ears.

My son Huckleberry said, "I think he has my ears."

We simultaneously replied, "No.  He does not have your ears."

Best new auntie line today, "The only thing I can think about is baby Edwin."


Baby Edwin, welcome.  We have always loved you.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Complain to Blogger

In the bottom right hand corner of my blog posting page,
which I think is called a dashboard, there is a button that I've just noticed.

It's says "Complain to Blogger."


I will.

Blogger, thanks for listening.  I've been getting headaches recently, and I'm a little concerned.  There is a ganglion on the right side of my right foot and it means I can't always wear the shoes that I like.  My family loves pasta, so I make it frequently, but I don't like pasta.  My favourite coffee is getting low in the pantry and it hasn't been on sale for quite a while.  I have never been able to find waterproof mascara that doesn't flake off.  What am I supposed to do if I cry?  Every Kleenex box we've ever bought from Costco is defective.  The Kleenexes always come out in a big long stream, seven or eight together.  Our dog eats Kleenex if he finds them on the floor.  Why do people have to leave an endless stream of cups around every day?  The mail sometimes comes at 10 a.m., and some days not until 2 p.m.  There is moss on my driveway.  The deer ate my eggplant plant right out of the planter.

Wow.  I feel a lot better.  Thanks Blogger.  We'll have to do this again some time.